Magnetic Moms

Attract your teen daughter back into your sphere of influence

... even if she currently can't stand you

Live Workshop

February 16, 2024
8:00pm Eastern Time


  • Part One: Learn why your daughter does NOT want to separate from you (and what she wants instead)!
  • Part Two: Learn how to "ride the wave" of your daughter's moods and stop taking her irritability personally!
  • Part Three: Learn how to identify which "version" of your daughter you're dealing with, so you can get your responses right, every time!
  • Part Four: Learn why you should NEVER give your daughter the answer to her problems!

Taught by Kara Czerniak, MSPP

As a speaker, educator and mentor of parents and their children for 30 years, Kara Czerniak identified a significant, yet overlooked challenge faced by seasoned mothers. Unwilling to accept the lack of good solutions, she used her unique background in Positive Psychology and Brain Development to create the answer with her "Magnetic Moms" program. This program empowers moms to understand their teen daughters in ways they never felt possible, and to reclaim the joy they lost in their mother-daughter relationship.

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